Djigit is strong where he was born

Dec 26, 2020Uncategorized

Djigit is strong where he was born.
The traditional IRONMAN KM triathlon competition took place in Zhitikar.
They say trials temper us. And despite the pandemic, we have become stronger.
In 2020, Kostanay Minerals JSC organized the HALF IRONMAN distance for the first time.
This is a real test and an opportunity to find out your limit.
In sports, as well as in work and personal life, we present ourselves with great challenges.
After all, this is the only way to find out what we are capable of, what our potential is.
Our employees have once again shown their willpower, character and excellent health.
14 people took part. And for most, it was the longest distance in their lives.
There were also participants, winners and prize-winners of IronMan BI Astana.
Among them is our “Chrysotile MEN” Ovcharenko Sergey Alexandrovich, who is 62 years old.
A special feature of each Iron Man is the true spirit of sport and support.
The sense of team and the taste of victory, even if you are not the first, you still won!
You conquered yourself, learned more about your body.
You have become even closer to the people you work with.
Kostanay Minerals JSC is proud of its team!