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About Company

About Company

Kostanay Minerals JSC is a mining company specializing in the extraction of chrysotile asbestos and the production of chrysotile fiber. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of chrysotile asbestos, one of the most important elements used in the global industry.

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Semi-century success story of Kostanay Minerals JSC

One of the world’s largest chrysotile producers, Kostanay Minerals JSC, has been successfully operating for 55 years. During this time, the company has developed into a major world leader in the mining industry.

3D version of the industrial area ...

On their own, “KAEM” employees created an information 3D model of all buildings and structures of the industrial site of the Enterprise, using modern BIM technologies

American scientists: chrysotile asbestos will save the planet from global warming

Global warming is part of the most pressing agenda of our time. The UN calls for a massive reduction in CO2 emissions, a transition to green technologies and alternative energy sources.