Kazakhstan’s chrysotile exports are growing rapidly

Feb 16, 2021Новости КМ

In 2020, the positive trend of increasing the volume of chrysotile consumption and, as a result, the volume of its shipments continued.

The production of chrysotile of group 3-6 for 2020 amounted to 227.3 thousand tons, 221.0 thousand tons of chrysotile were shipped. Last year, in 2019, 210.7 thousand tons were produced and 221.0 thousand tons were shipped. In short, the positive results of 2020 today confirm the correctness of the chosen development strategy of Kostanay Minerals JSC.

Kostanay Minerals is an export-oriented enterprise. The volume of exports in 2020 was 94.7%. The main export of products is accounted for by non-CIS countries-China, India and Sri Lanka. In the CIS countries, the main major consumers are Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Turkmenistan. Chrysotile is also sold in the domestic market of Kazakhstan.

In 2021, it is planned to produce and sell 230 thousand tons of chrysotile to consumers, including exporting 97.0% of the total sales volume. Changes in the consumption market show a positive trend in a number of countries that consume chrysotile.

The Republic of Kazakhstan currently has an officially approved policy on the controlled use of chrysotile in accordance with the decision taken during the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 24, 2008 No. 20-5/81.

In addition, in January 2011, Kazakhstan ratified the ILO Convention No. 162 of 1986 “On Occupational Safety and Health in the Use of Asbestos”, which guarantees the protection of the health of workers in the chrysotile industry.

Kostanay Minerals JSC is the only producer of chrysotile in the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the moment, the company is one of the three operating chrysotile producing plants in the territory of the EAEU member states.