Press release. 55 years of tradition and success.

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Kostanay Minerals JSC – 55 years of tradition and success
October 13, 2020, Zhitikara – October 13, 2020 employees of Kostanai Minerals JSC
celebrate the 55th anniversary of the commissioning of the first stage of the plant.
The only chrysotile producer in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kostanay Minerals JSC
is based on the Dzhetygarinskoye deposit of chrysotile-asbestos, where in 1965 it was built and
the Kustanai Asbest combine was put into operation. Due to its unique natural properties
natural mineral, the company produces chrysotile fiber for the global industry.
During this time, the company has developed into a major world leader in the mining industry.
The past years have become a large and important stage in the development of the company. Today the company
ranks fourth in the world in the production of chrysotile asbestos and is one of the three operating
chrysotile production plants in the territory of the EAEU member states. The company employs
more than 2 thousand people, 95% of its production the plant exports to world markets. The main
consumers of Kazakh chrysotile are enterprises of Uzbekistan, India, China, Ukraine
and Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, etc.
For 55 years the company “Kostanay Minerals” has been conducting pioneering work in the mining
the industry, prioritizing safety issues, protecting the environment, caring
about employees and supporting the local population. The company is an example of an active and
effective use of the achievements of progress and engineering, where are constantly born
effective breakthrough projects. A 5-year roadmap is currently being implemented
technological modernization. Large projects are implemented every year: today, for example, and
internal dumping, and pit drainage / drainage project to reduce
moisture content in the original ore, and ideas for changing the slope angles on local sections of the pit walls.
One of the strategic directions of enterprise development is digital transformation.
business. The key priorities of the company’s long-term digital strategy are the creation of
and the development of digital megaprojects such as digital factory, digital mine, digital service
and digital office. Also active in the field of R&D (research and development).
For this, a whole team has been created within the company, engaged in research in working with data from
a reflection in the “digital” of its business processes, from geological exploration to product sales.
For 55 years, the company has produced more than 17 million tons of high-quality chrysotile asbestos. All these numbers –
fundamentally new indicators for Kostanay Minerals JSC. On the eve of the anniversary celebration
the company has summed up the results of its activities for nine months of this year: produced 167
thousand tons and shipped to consumers 171 thousand tons of high-quality chrysotile. Have improved significantly
technological indicators and equipment performance. Manufacturers are planning
completion of production this year at over 225 thousand tons. This is an absolute record for
last 7 years. The well-established operation of the production complex allows you to invest in
modernization of production, development of the social sphere, affects the growth of well-being
workers. For 9 months of the reporting year, the average monthly wages of employees increased by
11.5% compared to the previous period. In 2020, according to the completed investment
the program of the enterprise, the volume of investments exceeded 3.5 billion tenge. This year at the enterprise
the tariff rates and salaries of the company’s employees were raised twice, the social package was increased.
Now the company has a minimum wage standard and there are no employees,
receiving less than 100 thousand tenge, with full working out of the month. In a difficult time of pandemic
the company has retained all jobs and worthy support for both staff and employees
health care of the city.
The Company pays a huge role to the development of personnel and corporate culture.
The key values ​​in the corporate culture of the Enterprise have been determined: DIS Trust,
innovation, improvement. The company’s management is focused on attracting and retaining
capable and talented employees. Since 2006, the company has been awarding a personal award
Altyn Kanat for the contribution to the development of KM JSC and the region.
Since 2014, the company has confidently embarked on the industrial diversification of its raw materials
economy and gave life to a number of projects, entering the market with new products in the road industry:

an asphalt-concrete plant was built, a production unit was put into operation
fractional crushed stone, a technology for the production of a stabilizing additive has been developed and applied
“EcoTop” for road construction, universal mineral powder. Delivered very
an ambitious target: to achieve an increase in the share of non-core income by 2022
business up to 30 percent. “KAEMOV” consider their additional products enough
in demand, since, due to the properties of mineral fiber, on the basis of which
new products have been produced, they have undeniable quality advantages over others
materials. In addition, the experience of using chrysotile in road construction shows that, by
For example, a stabilizing additive increases the service life of a road surface from 10 to 25 years.
The housing cluster is also actively developing – the construction of affordable houses.
The company is optimistic about the future, as the revival of chrysotile asbestos has become
possible thanks to government support and Kazakhstan’s strong position on the protection of chrysotile
asbestos internationally. In 2019, the Rotterdam Convention banned the use of
chrysotile fiber was not adopted and this provides a strategic perspective for chrysotile
industries in Kazakhstan and in the world.
The company has achieved significant results not only in business, but also in social development. JSC
Kostanay Minerals is a city-forming enterprise that makes a significant contribution to
development and improvement of the monotown Zhitikara and invests in social projects
focus. Historically, it so happened that for 55 years of existence of JSC “Kostanay
minerals “a lot was done not only for the production, but also for the city. Becoming and
the development of the city of Zhitikara is inextricably linked with the activities of the plant.
Kostanay Minerals is an enterprise, on the results of which thousands of its
employees and their families, as well as people working in related industries. Therefore, it is no coincidence
that the company supports all government initiatives related to social development
countries, improving the life of the population and implements many projects in the field of corporate
social responsibility. They are primarily aimed at creating comfortable conditions for
local residents, the company invests in healthy lifestyle programs
life and health care, education.
Understanding the responsibility of big business, the shareholders of Kostanay Minerals JSC are stable and
purposefully invest considerable funds in the improvement and development of the city of Zhitikara,
participate in the preparation and conduct of all city and regional events. Annually
a Memorandum on the participation of Kostanay Minerals JSC in the socio-economic
development of Zhitikarinsky district and its infrastructure ”. It provides for the allocation
funds as sponsorship – for the implementation of a unified development program
region, socio-economic development and social and cultural events.
In addition to the funds allocated under the Memorandum, Kostanay Minerals JSC
provides material assistance for organizing and holding various cultural events,
sports tournaments, strengthening the material and technical base of enterprises and organizations,
encouraging the best students in the area, feeding children from low-income families and much more.
In the last fifteen years alone, important social institutions have been built and restored in the city.
objects. A Muslim mosque was built to them. E. Tatisheva; the central city
square, which is decorated with a new fountain, in honor of the 160th anniversary of the great poet and enlightener
Abai Kunanbayev, one of the streets of the city was converted into a pedestrian zone. Restored
swimming pool, now it is a sports and recreation complex “Alma-Ata”. Erected
Orthodox church; the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Istai was reconstructed and installed
Ishanov; the Gornyak stadium was reconstructed, a monument to the soldiers was erected –
internationalists. A 48-apartment building with a total area of ​​3,080 sq. m .; reconstructed
sanatorium building; a clock tower installed on the central city square
height – 18.5 meters; the kindergarten “Karlygash” was repaired, an administrative building was built
for public and party organizations, the city beach is landscaped. In 2018, together with
local executive bodies within the framework of PPP built and put into operation a kindergarten
“KM Bobek” for 120 seats. In 2019, a sports and recreation center opened its doors,
which welcomes sports enthusiasts and develops their sports talents. Also in 2019
the city fountain was reconstructed. The updated fountain is a gift to the city for the 80th anniversary from
Kostanay Minerals JSC.
In the anniversary year, Kostanay Minerals JSC implemented a number of social projects:

The idea of ​​construction came from the old residents of the Zhitikara district. Zhagalbayly (kaz.zhagalbayly) –
which is one of the seven divisions of the Zhetyru tribe in the Younger Zhuz. Stella
turned on 4 sides. Front side – reflects the story and tells about who they are
Zhagalbaylins. The reverse side is dedicated to the love story of Kyz Zhibek and Tolegen. On the sides
unfolded monuments in honor of biys and batyrs of this kind. JSC “Kostanay Minerals” provided
sponsorship assistance in the amount of 3.7 million tenge and 500 thousand tenge were collected by residents of the district for
erection of a small architectural form (height 5.3 meters, width 2.5 meters, landscaping 65
In order to improve the healthy lifestyle of the townspeople, Kostanay Minerals JSC built
treadmill with a length of 1,200 meters and a width of 2.4 meters, with a design cost of 20.7
million tenge. In the future, it is planned to continue the improvement of the park – a nursery will be built
playground, ski track and recreation area for citizens.
The current repairs of the Mosque and the Temple have been carried out. The swimming pool “Alma-Ata” was repaired.
In order to increase information lighting on the city square, a modern
high-tech LED screen (specifications: dimensions 6×4 m, resolution 1,152 on
768 pixels). The cost of 10 million tenge.
Kostanay Minerals JSC presented the city with a mural depicting a Kazakh poet, composer,
educator, thinker, public figure, founder of Kazakh writing
literature of Abai Kunanbaev. Murals are another way to convey principles to citizens
honesty, integrity and justice, which heroes carried throughout their lives
murals, in particular – Abai Kunanbaev. The work was done by Almaty artists: Zakirov
Akkali and Tanaev Yerzhan. In addition to Abai Kunanbayev, the painting depicts the poet’s grandmother Zere-apa with
little Abay, symbolizing the wisdom and education of the future generation. Abai’s name by right
stands in the same row as great poets like Dante, Goethe, Pushkin and others, who glorified their peoples with
through the poetic gift they possessed, his invaluable legacy became
the moral guideline of the people on the way to the future. The person who is the hardest
influenced Abai’s early gravitation towards the art of words and knowledge, was his grandmother Zere. Large
a connoisseur of the folk verbal treasury, she managed to instill in her grandson the desire and love for
knowledge, became his first educator and teacher. The grandmother was distinguished by kindness and subtle
perception of the world around her. There have never been such large-scale paintings in the city. And what’s the first
a portrait of a great thinker, philosopher, sage appeared, whose name lives on for centuries, but the works remain
relevant at any time – a good sign.
It should be noted that ventilated facades made of flat chrysotile cement slate served
an excellent canvas for a mural. The fact is that this surface is perfectly primed and takes
kollerovku. In addition, this material is quite strong, durable, and most importantly – it is resistant to
aggressive environment and temperature extremes. Project cost:
more than 7 million tenge.
The #KustoHelp charity project created by the international company Kusto Group donated 30
tablets for children from large and low-income families (worth 2.4 million tenge). From now on these
students will have full access to online education.
In addition, Kostanay Minerals JSC annually provides charitable assistance
general education schools, cultural and sports institutions, public organizations,
medical and prophylactic and other institutions. Among other objects finances
construction of children’s playgrounds in kindergartens, improvement of social facilities.
More than 500 million tenge is spent annually on the development of social infrastructure and social
support of employees and their families, pensioners of the enterprise.
Today the company pays great attention to supporting socially vulnerable groups of the population. IN
in order to provide material support to young and large families at the enterprise annually
a large social program is being carried out, including compensation for payment for
keeping the children of the workers of the plant in preschool institutions, partial compensation
the cost of meals for low-paid workers in canteens and canteens, compensation for
payment of utilities to employees with 3 or more children, full compensation
drive to the industrial site. Provides for the payment of one-time benefits to young people
employees who have entered into marriage, and also allocated interest-free loans for the purchase of housing.
Material assistance is provided within the framework of the “Road to School” campaign to low-income and
families with many children, and employees with school leavers – to organize graduation
evenings. Vouchers are allocated to the company’s own dispensary for employees and pensioners,
participants of wars and Chernobyl victims.

The well-being of the entire 40,000 population depends on the stable operation of the enterprise and its structures
region and SME development. Mountain flax – also called chrysotile – is the key to stability
The social program of the enterprise and charitable activities, marked by numerous
diplomas and awards. In 2019, Kostanay Minerals JSC became the owner of the annual
the public national award “Zhomart Zhurek-2019” for the contribution of commercial organizations and
individuals in the implementation of charitable programs and projects on the territory of Kazakhstan in
nominations “The best organization of the year”. Also JSC “Kostanay Minerals” became a silver
prize-winner in the nomination “The best collective agreement of the year” in the republican competition for
social responsibility of the Paryz business. For the implementation of large social projects in
Zhitikarinsky district in 2020 the International company Kusto Group was awarded the nomination
“There were patrons of art.”
“We have achieved significant results not only in business, but also in social development. All the best that
created and is being created – this is for our residents, residents of Zhitikarins! It is they who today with their work and
energy make a tangible contribution to the development of the monotown Zhitikara and the world chrysotile
industry. We honor history and traditions, honor industry veterans, always remember the great
the past in order to correctly build a great future. We confidently continue to strengthen traditions
friendship and fruitful cooperation. We cannot achieve our goals alone, so
we want to express our sincere gratitude to our employees for their tireless work, dedication
business and a huge contribution to the successful development of JSC “Kostanay Minerals”. We are confident
we look forward and develop a responsible business! “, – noted Erbol Nurkhozhaev, Chairman
Of the Management Board of Kostanay Minerals JSC.
Reference Information:
Kostanay Minerals JSC is the only chrysotile producer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The raw material base of the enterprise is the Dzhetygarinskoye deposit of chrysotile-asbestos, on the basis of which in
1965 The Kustanai Asbest Combine was built and put into operation. Is one of three
operating plants producing chrysotile in the territory of the EAEU member states. By mining
chrysotile-asbestos company is ranked 4th in the world. Production capacity for production
chrysotile asbestos of the 3rd-6th groups is up to 400 thousand tons per year. 95% of production is exported.