“System of control and accounting of vehicle access to the industrial zone”

Dec 26, 2020Uncategorized

In JSC Kostanay Minerals, another large digital project, “System for monitoring and recording vehicle access to the industrial zone”, known more as “Sergek”, has been implemented.

The main goal of the project is to improve the efficiency of property security of KM JSC.
The system has been in operation for a month.
The entire territory of the industrial zone of the Enterprise is now equipped with intelligent video surveillance cameras. There are 11 control points installed along the perimeter, allowing for more thorough control and accounting of vehicles entering and moving into the “KM”.
The central checkpoint is automated by a barrier. The passage of vehicles is now carried out here as follows: the license plate is scanned by means of the camera, and if it is entered into the database, the barrier will automatically open. That is, the system now excludes access to the entry of external / third-party vehicles. In such cases, a one-time pass is required, it is issued with a special permission received by the production analytical department and endorsed by one of the Board members.
Each entry and exit of vehicles is stored in a database. The implementation of this project, the management is confident, will also improve the discipline of internal transport “KM”. The developer of the automated system is the capital company LLP “Korkem Technologies”, which helped the “Kaem” specialists in the implementation of the project.
This is one of many steps in the transition of the Enterprise to a new digital level. It should be noted that in this direction “Kostanay Minerals” have achieved great results over the past ten years – from the transition to a single-stage crushing scheme to the introduction of IP-telephony.
And these are far from the last events … Already today the KM is working on the idea of ​​installing electronic checkpoints in the industrial zone. It is planned that digital modern turnstiles will automatically keep track of the working hours of employees, but also conduct their electronic thermometry and contactless medical examination (breathalyzer). They do not want to put this idea on the back burner, so its implementation is planned for the next six months.