“The goal is to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic»

Mar 30, 2021СМИ о нас

Technical Director of JSC “Kostanay Minerals” Smagulov Aibol Rakhimgalievich told about the attitude to the environment.

– What are the environmental goals set by the management of Kostanay Minerals JSC?

– In 2021, the management of Kostanay Minerals JSC set a goal to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic. For this purpose, in 2020, the GREEN KM – ECOSYSTEM strategy for environmental development of Kostanay Minerals JSC and the city ecology for 2020-2025 was approved.

The strategy’s mission is to reduce the burden on the environment. Ensuring environmental safety at the enterprise and rational use of natural resources.

The main directions of environmental development of JSC “Kostanay Minerals”:

* protection of the air basin;

• protection of water resources;

* minimization of waste;

* ecology of the city.

– What projects are being implemented at the enterprise?

– In recent years, the company has implemented a number of breakthrough projects: an automated control system, K-MINE, modernization of electric locomotives, an energy management system in the depot, installation of an incinerator for waste incineration, solar water heaters, etc.

The company’s ongoing projects help to bring the environmental component to another level, such as:

* local water disposal project, which eliminates the ingress of water into the quarry, reduces the amount of work on ore drying and generally improves the entire production process;

* the project of the internal dump, which implies a reduction in the volume of waste removal to the dumps, respectively, and a reduction in dust emissions to the environment;

* solar panel project, which involves the use of renewable energy sources in order to reduce the plant’s emissions during electricity generation

– Are environmental protection measures being implemented?

– The cost of environmental protection measures in 2020 amounted to 1,084,019. 0 thousand tenge. (1 billion tenge!) The funds are allocated for chemical control of the composition of quarry and underground water, replacement of worn-out hoses, removal of the soil and vegetation layer, work on the improvement of the industrial zone, collection and export of industrial waste and solid household waste (MSW) to the landfill, humidification of roads in the quarry, demercurization of used mercury-containing lamps, work on industrial environmental monitoring, control of emissions from stationary sources, cleaning of the aspiration collector of the drying housing of the DiSHR workshop, current and major repairs of dust cleaning equipment. In 2020, a modern BelAZ-based irrigation machine was purchased in the quarry to irrigate roads and reduce road dusting (at a cost of 109.5 million tenge), a butoboy to reduce the level of mineral losses (at a cost of 140 million tenge), and in 2021, it is also planned to purchase one BelAZ irrigation machine.

– Have you conducted research on the effects of chrysotile?

-Research works and external audits are carried out periodically. So, in 2018, a research project was carried out on the topic “The impact of chrysotile-asbestos and industrial waste of the enterprise on the non-settlement of the city of Zhitikary with a preliminary distribution to the zones located inside the SPZ, on the border of the SPZ, outside the SPZ as they move away from the sources of pollution”. The data of the performed laboratory tests showed a generally controlled and acceptable level of the company’s impact on the environment. In 2019, a research project was conducted on the topic “Complex ecological and hygienic studies of the state of atmospheric air, soil cover and vegetation of the city of Zhitikary, Kostanay region in the comparative dynamics of 2005, 2007, 2018, as well as the identification of third-party environmental pollutants”. Conclusion of the work: the content of pollutants does not exceed the established maximum permissible concentrations.

– Tell us about the main tasks in relation to the environment?

– Analysis of the level of impact of production activities on the environment is carried out at all stages of activity and is mandatory when making management and investment decisions. Based on the results of the evaluation, the best available technologies are implemented at all stages of project implementation, aimed at minimizing the negative impact.

The environmental management system of Kostanay Minerals JSC is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ST RK ISO 14001: 2016.

Kostanay Minerals JSC is an active participant in the process of improving environmental legislation. The company’s specialists actively participate in the discussion of almost the entire range of draft laws in this area.

When developing new projects, the company conducts public hearings, during which it informs interested parties about the possible impact of the planned activities on the environment, provides access to documents.

Kostanay Minerals JSC is a member of the Association of Regional Environmental Initiatives ECOJER, the leading mission of the above association is to preserve the environment while ensuring technological progress, and is also a member of the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises.

Responsible attitude to the environment is a strategic priority of Kostanay Minerals JSC. The Company is aware of its responsibility to the public in this matter, objectively assesses and strives to minimize environmental risks, and increases investments in environmental protection programs.

“The goal is to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic»

For your reference:

Kostanay Minerals JSC is the only producer of chrysotile in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The raw material base of the enterprise is the Dzhetygarinsky chrysotile-asbestos deposit, at the moment the enterprise is one of the three operating chrysotile producing plants in the territory of the EAEU member states. The company is the fourth largest producer of chrysotile asbestos in the world.

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