The goal is to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic

Feb 5, 2021Новости КМ

Representatives of the Association of regional environmental initiatives “ECOJER”, namely General Director Rustem Kabzhanov and Executive Director Kuanysh Baltabayev, were able to get acquainted with the work of a large industrial enterprise of JSC “Kostanay Minerals” from the inside, on February 2-3, 2021. The main mission of the above-mentioned association is to preserve the environment while ensuring technological progress. One of the main tasks of the association “ECOJER”, of which JSC “KM” is a member , is the development and implementation of the best available technologies at enterprises to minimize the negative impact of companies on air quality.

The main object of the visit was the industrial zone of the enterprise, during which they visited the quarry, depot, motor transport enterprise, the enrichment process, by the way, based on dry screening and classification of the initial ore from the quarry, the finished product shop, the bischofite production shop.

Ecologists from the capital were pleasantly surprised by the eco-friendly process of chrysotile production. Ore dressing at the enterprise is carried out without adding chemical reagents. And this is a significantly important fact, both for the environment and for the entire region.

At the end of the tour, the guests from Nur-Sultan were told about the breakthrough projects implemented in ” KM ” in recent years. For example, about such as automated control system, K-MINE, modernization of electric locomotives, energy management system in depots, etc. Many existing enterprise projects help bring environmental component to another level, such as local drainage project, which eliminates the ingress of water into the quarry, reduces the amount of work drying the ore, and generally improves the entire production process, project internal satiety, which involves the reduction in the volume of export of waste to the dumps, respectively, and the reduction of dust emissions into the environment.

In 2021, the management of Kostanay Minerals JSC set a goal to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic. For this purpose, in 2020, the Strategy of environmental Development of Kostanay Minerals JSC and the city ecology for 2020-2025 “GREEN KM – ECOSYSTEM” was approved.

The strategy’s mission: to reduce the burden on the environment. Ensuring environmental safety at the enterprise and rational use of natural resources.

Environmentalists of Kostanay Minerals JSC apply significant measures for its safe use. The company is developing a long-term environmental action plan, which includes measures to protect air, subsurface and land resources, water resources, waste management, personnel management (environmental training), as well as planning internal environmental control.

The main environmental activities carried out in the enterprise: the replacement of worn sleeveless in a vacuum chamber, control of emissions from stationary sources, cleaning the suction manifold casing drying Dish workshop, repair and overhaul paleocastro equipment, chemical control of the career and groundwater chemistry monitoring stormwater industrial area of the plant, work on the improvement and greening of the industrial zone, moisturizing roads in his career, wet dust suppression machines rolling cutter drilling. In 2020, a modern BelAZ-based irrigation machine was purchased for irrigation of roads in the quarry (the cost is 109.5 million tenge), in 2021 it is also planned to purchase one BelAZ irrigation machine. In order to ensure a sustainable environmental situation, according to the environmental protection action plans, the company annually spends up to 200 million tenge on environmental protection measures. The company operates in accordance with the requirements of the current environmental legislation, environmental audits have been conducted with the involvement of specialists with appropriate qualifications.