Solemn rewarding of the laureates of the “Zhomart Zhurek”

Dec 26, 2020Uncategorized

On August 11, in the large hall of the regional akimat, a solemn rewarding of the laureates of the “Zhomart Zhurek” award and the holder of the status of the “Zhomart Zhan” badge took place. The event took place within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhagyru” program in the Zhitikara region.

It’s no secret that the city-forming enterprises, entrepreneurs and caring residents of our district are constantly implementing social and charitable projects aimed at improving the improvement of the city, district, social assistance to the population.
In total, since 2017, 14 people have become the winners of the Zhomart Zhurek award. 4 laureates were awarded the status of the “Zhomart Jean” badge. These are not only local large enterprises, but also individual entrepreneurs of the region and not indifferent residents of Zhitikarinsky.

This year, according to the akim of the district A. Ibraev, the selection of candidates took into account the contribution to the prevention and fight against coronavirus infection.

For the implementation of large social projects in the Zhitikarinsky district, the International Company “Kusto Group” was awarded the category “Zhyl Patrons”. The award from the hands of the head of the district was received by the representative of the company, a veteran of Kostanay Minerals JSC Sergey Afanasevich Aleinikov.