About our company

Kostanay Minerals JSC is a mining company specializing in the extraction of chrysotile asbestos and the production of chrysotile fiber. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of chrysotile asbestos, one of the most important elements used in the global industry.

We are in numbers


Products chrysotile asbestos of 3-6 groups


Founded 1965

250 000

Productivity design capacity over 250 thousand tons

2 000

Personnel over 2,000

6 200 002

Explored reserves
620.02 million tons of ore.


Stock scale
– 4th place in the world

17 000 000

Produced 17 million tons
chrysotile ore

Last News

Kazakhstan's chrysotile exports are growing rapidly

The Republic of Kazakhstan currently has an officially approved policy on the controlled use of chrysotile in accordance with the decision taken during the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 24, 2008 No. 20-5/81.

the goal is to become the best eco-friendly company in the republic

Representatives of the Association of regional environmental initiatives “ECOJER”, namely General Director Rustem Kabzhanov and Executive Director Kuanysh Baltabayev, were able to get acquainted with the work of a large industrial enterprise of JSC “Kostanay Minerals” from the inside, on February 2-3, 2021.

End the confusion

It is important to emphasize from the beginning that there are many types of asbestos fibers. Those that pose the greatest risk to human health belong to the amphibole family, which includes amosite (brown asbestos), anthophyllite, crocidolite (blue asbestos), tremolite, and actinilite.