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Head of Business Administration Service

Higher education;

Qualifications: preferably in the specialty, direction of training “State and Municipal Administration”, “Jurisprudence”, “Economics and Management”, “Management”;

Work experience: at least 3 years in the specialty;

Abilities: communication skills; knowledge of the state language; knowledge of national traditions; organizational skills; developed creative thinking and imagination; developed verbal abilities; a high degree of active behavior; teamwork skills.

Personal qualities: activity; energy; sociability; self confidence; a responsibility; consistency; benevolence; erudition.

Track machine driver

Education: secondary, specialized secondary;

Qualification: driver of track machines;

Work experience: at least 3 years;

Discharge: not lower than 5th category.

Blacksmith on hammers and presses

Education: secondary – special, secondary;

Qualification: hammer and press smith;

Work experience: at least 2 years;

Bulldozer driver

Qualification: Bulldozer driver;

The presence of a certificate of a tractor driver – driver and bulldozer driver;

Work experience: at least 1 year

Discharge: not lower than 6th category

Contact: JSC “Kostanay Minerals” at the address: Zhitikara, st. Lenin 67,

cab. # 1. Tel. 8 (71435) 24004, ext. 1146.